As of Nov. 1st, we have gone back to our one 10:00 AM service. Limited spots are available, as we need to keep attendance at a safe limit.

Please RESERVE YOUR SPOT if you plan to attend.

Please note that registration will close at 11:59 PM on Thursday!

In an effort to increase cleanliness and sanitation, we have Purrel stations throughout the facility, and everyone is to abide by the safety rules.


1. Masks are mandatory

2. Follow the arrows

3. Maintain social distancing

4. CHILDCARE: Signup your kids & properly pick them up after service. The Nursury room will be available with limited use.

5. ARRIVAL: You will be greeted in & checked-in with your full name. If you are sitting in the balcony use the main Bronson door, otherwise use the fellowship hall door to balance the crowd & flow.

6. If you have kids, use fellowship hall door, so you can easily check-in your kids.

Please arrive 15 minutes early.


LIVESTREAM: Please be aware that you may be on camera, as we live stream the 10:00 AM service.

HEALTH: If you have a compromised immune system, for your safety we ask that you consider continuing to view our service from your home via Facebook Live or YouTube.

If you are at all feeling sick, we ask that you please stay home.

RESTROOMS: One restroom will be available. Please do not linger or congregate in the foyer on your way to or from the restroom.

TITHES: Tithe and offering donations can be made during our offering time at the front. This will be carefully orchestrated. As well, only one person is allowed up at a time while using the debit machine at the back of the sanctuary. People on the balcony don't need to come downstairs for offering, they will have their own process and baskets upstairs.

END OF SERVICE: At the end of each service, please wait until one of our greeters dismisses you. Please do not congregate outside in large groups, we encourage you to continue practicing safe distancing while chatting outside the building.

If you feel apprehensive or at risk of coming to church, you are more than welcome to keep worshiping right at home!

We look forward to seeing you!


Our pastors are sharing a short devotional every day of the week on Facebook & YouTube. We hope these encourage you and help you be reminded that you are not alone - the church will stand together through this challenging time. As much as we miss gathering together & seeing you, we're excited to be reaching many others with this online platform.

Here's our online schedule:

  • Mon – Pastor Mike @ 11am
  • Tues – Pastor David @ 11am
  • Wed – Pastor Sonaz (Kids) @ 2pm  
  • Thurs – Peter & Rachelle (Worship) @ 11am
  • Fri – Pastor Jimmy @ 11am.
  • Sunday morning – Celebration Service @ 10am