Arctic Hope

The Dream: We believe that thought the Arctic Hope Project and the transforming power of God we can see suicide virtually eradicated in Nunavut and young people filled with hope for the future!

What is it? 10 day program for young people that includes one-on-one counselling by qualified ministers helping to overcome the effects of past traumas, imparting spiritual values, encouraging them to dream big things for their future, and equipping them with the tools to see those dreams realised.

City Kidz Ottawa

Despite the fact that Canada is considered one of the richest nations in the world, one in six children lives below Statistic Canada’s Low Income Cut Off. In the City of Ottawa, there are about 32,000 children who fall into this category. The goal of City Kidz is to transform the lives of inner city children, break the cycle of hopelessness and end child poverty. We do this by inspiring children to dream big and to rise above their circumstances. We instill faith based values and teach children to do the right thing and we provide new experiences and environments that inspire kids to unlimited possibilities.

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