Our goal for Mission at PTC is: To intentionally develop a passionate and authentic ‘missional’ mindset within everyone of the Peace Tower Church community. To mobilize the Peace Tower Church community for greater missions involvement both locally and internationally. To encourage support for missions above the tithe and offering. To work with global networks and movements to advance the reign of Christ in alignment with the core values of Peace Tower Church. 

Find out more about our Missions projects by clicking on the tabs above. Regular Missions Giving 2015: CityKidz Ottawa, Silas & Kimberly Oduor (Kenya), Dove Ministries (South East Asia), Arctic Hope Project (Nunavut). 

If you are part of the PTC family headed out in the missions field and would like to have your church praying with you- send us an email and give us some details on where you are going and what you will be doing!