The Church We See...

The Church we see is a church that only God can build. A church that cannot be explained without Him. The Church we see values God's word in their lives. We see a church full of people that are impacted through the wisdom, understanding, and innovative ideas that the revelation of the Word of God brings. 

The Church we see are a people full of the Holy Spirit and moving in His Power in their everyday lives with love and humility. We see a people that yield to the creative rhythms and dynamic flows of the Spirit in a celebration service as well as their family and marketplace ministries. 

The Church we see is passionate in generosity. We see people all of lifestyles and background returning tithes and offerings as an important part of worship before God. We see a church that has no lack because it is a giving church full of good stewards that God can trust to share His abundant resources with. 

The Church we see is full of regular people that are ministering in dynamic ways to the world around them. It seems like everyone is a minister - pursing discipleship and serving with their very best. 

We see each generation being raised up, equipped, and released in City, National and Global impact! The Church we see is a large mosaic of peoples and cultures from all over the world coming together in the love God that fosters an environment where all can experience meaningful relationships in the spirit of unity. The Church we see is full of mature believers that values the full release of the anointing. A people that are quick to listen and communicate with openness, honesty, integrity, and respect for one another. 

The Church we see is one where people know they are important. It values the importance of meaningful relationships throughout the week through small group ministries and specialized ministries to the changing needs of children, youth, and adults. 

The Church we see is a community that understands how important everyone is. 

The Church we see cannot be stopped because we are so passionate for His presence. Our impact will be so beyond human ability, ingenuity, or planning that people will sense and know The Glory Of God in our midst. 

This is the Church Peace Tower sees. We can see it in our hearts, but we will follow God and obey his Voice until everyone can see - The church we see!